A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step…..

SHIMUL CHHAYA LADIES HOSTEL is operated by SHIMUL MUSIC CIRCLE; a noted NGO duly registered under the West Bengal Society Act XXVI of 1961. It is an unique creation of renowned social worker Mousumi Roy.

A man does not live in years but in deeds…… Swami Vivekananda

Being motivated with the philosophy of Swami Vivekananda, Mousumi Roy started this hostel on 12th Jan 2007, national youth day, the birthday of Swami Vivekananda.

The hostel provides the students with a homely ambience. It is a home away from home. SHIMUL CHHAYA provides the girls with all the necessary facilities to help them to acclimatize well with this new ambience and teach them to become self reliant.

At present the hostel has a capacity to accommodate 60 (Sixty) girl students. SHIMUL CHHAYA LADIES HOSTEL is cost friendly and offers pleasant and secure accommodation. There are single rooms and twin sharing rooms (for the senior most batches). Generally triple or four bedded rooms for fresher. The entire campus is monitored 24×7 by CCTV.

SHIMUL CHHAYA LADIES HOSTEL is located at 98,Sarat Bose Colony,Kol-78, near Dhakuria Station, just opposite to Kapibagan Water Tank.

There are 3 D’s in life: Desire, Determination & Dedication. You need all 3 to reach your goal. But it all starts with the 4th D….Do it.

If you feel you can do it, the way to the TOP is not impossible. TOP means Technology of Participation which leads you to the Top. For over 15 years Shimul has been developing these participatory methods. Shimul wishes to bring about substantial changes in the lives of thousands of economically backward but meritorious girl child of West Bengal applying this philosophy such as learning, participation and sustainable development.

For a woman to be successful, she has to grow everyday and take life positively. The life of a woman is like Shimul (the famous indigenous flower of Bengal)—the flower is not offered to God or not to any good—but the cotton is economically the most important crop of Bengal and essential for life.

Women are the part of nature but society wants and try to kill her from the womb. To become a woman, a girl child has to face lakhs of odds. Despite all those odds India has the distinction of having the world’s largest number of professionally qualified women. Shimul believes in Education and Self reliance. Shimul believes that if a woman develops her own natural attributes and qualities and then imbibes those to others only then a true change in society is possible. Only an Educated, Skilled, healthy and rational mother can build a healthy educated, skilled & rational society.

There are so many brilliant girl Childs, who can change the nation, struggling to survive. Shimul stretches its arms towards them.

Shimul takes up constructive activities in all walks of life which go to uplift and enrich our life. The mechanism is to organize workshops, cultural programmes, exhibitions, road-shows, conferences, seminars, lectures, camps, get-togethers and other programmes and to bring out publications on these subjects to create awareness amongst the masses. It also patronizes supports and encourages individuals and other organizations which are engaged in similar activities.

For doing all these, Shimul takes moral support from the Government and its various agencies but avoids financial assistance from the Government so that basically it remains a participatory effort. Shimul manages its activities through the resources from the sale of Painting and other products, books, exhibitions, CSR programmes, Job Work, Advertisements, Sponsorship and voluntary contributions.