Ways to Volunteer

SHIMUL need your Participation….

Every Drop adds to the Ocean!

You can associate with Shimul in various ways. Help us in a way you feel appropriate. There are many ways in which you can become a Participant to Shimul’s philanthropic activities.

  • You can Volunteer
  • You can Assist
  • You can Purchase
  • You can Donate
  • You can employ.
  • You can be a Partner


  • Shimul is looking for serious volunteers who can associate in different programs and projects. Please tell us in what way you can volunteer your time in our ongoing works and projects. Please specify your skills, allocable time & previous experiences in the field of development.
  • Participate and promote Shimul’s programs
  • Be a communicator – create awareness about Shimul’s work amongst your family, friends and colleagues
  • Help us by On-line volunteering – project writing, workshop designing, contributing to our brochure, translating, editing our booklets, leaflets, communication  and promotional materials etc or in any other way you feel comfortable.


  • Assist us in our fund raising campaigns from time to time.
  • Please share with us your personal mailing lists so that we can approach them as well.
  • Assist us with your professional skills eg. Web design, Data Management, Back Office Job, Accounting etc.
  • Assist us with your time, talent and expertise to design, develop and market Shimul’s product.
  • Please visit our Hostel & School. Teach and Train them in Music, Dance, Drama, Drawing and Computer Skills.


  • You can help us through purchase. Purchase for your personal use and for gift purpose. We offer you a wide range of high quality products, which give you outstanding value for your money.
  • ART IN LIFE IS THE ART OF LIVING – Painting on each and almost everything is our specialization. You can purchase Paintings and Sculptures from Shimul.
  • Purchase Shimul’s Publications, Musical & Instrumental CDs produced by Shimul.
  • We specialize in producing fabrics and textiles by block printing, batik, tie and dye, patch work and embroidery.
  • We also offer attractive Sarees, Tops, Kurtas, Salwars, Dopattas, Stoles, Kantha, Blouse, T-Shirts, Shirts, Punjabi, Pyjamas, Dhoti, Skirts, Jackets, Matching Ornaments of Terracotta, Jute and Seeds, Telephone Holders, Bags, Purse, Decorative Candles, Decorative and Household Items, Dolls and Miniatures, Stationery Products and Accessories etc.
  • Please select the product you want to personalize or to gift your valued customers, your friends, your very near and dear ones or to fulfill your social commitments.
  • We can arrange for exhibitions and sales in your organization exclusively for your members or employees and also undertake customized designs.


  • You can give us job work. Punascha has given us the job work of its educational books. We are doing the entire DTP & Designing work of those books.
  • You can give On-Job Training to our passed out students. They are all highly qualified Honours Graduate well versed with Internet and Computer.
  • You can order Home Delivery or Catering Services. You can order Lunch Pack for Office, Food Pack for Parties or Conferences.
  • You can order for Bridal Presentation (Tattwa) or Simple Interior Decoration of your Flat, Office or Puja Pandals.


  • Donate space for display and sale of our products.
  • Donate space for our regular meetings, conferences, training sessions and workshops.
  • Donate space for godown, where we can stock our materials.
  • Donate raw materials for our production. (Pedilite is donating fabric materials, colours,gums etc for our fabric job
  • Donate stationery goods like pen, pencil, Exercise books, sketch pens, Blank CDs, Xerox paper etc.
  • Donate educational books and materials for our students.
  • Donate musical cassettes, CDs, books on creativity, music system, instruments, camera, computers, fax machines, Xerox machines or any other things related to our work.
  • Donate table, chairs, utensils, old news papers, unused drugs, Ration etc.
  • Donate money. Donate generously. Contributions are 50% exempted u/s 80 G (5)(vi) of the IT Act 1961. Every small or big amount contributed by you will encourage our activities and movements.

Corporate Partner or Sponsor:-

  • Sponsor individual for Food, Shelter, Health support, Electricity, Maintenance & Computer training costs.
  • Sponsor Shimul’s yearlong or individual programs.
  • Advertise your product in Shimul’s website, magazine, souvenirs and calendar.
  • Sponsor hoardings, banners, posters, leaflets, Invitation cards, Press releases, other publicity transcripts, trophies, Certificates, Gifts and Prizes.
  • Sponsor Shimul’s Travel fare, course fees for attending courses and conferences, annual picnic, fresher’s welcome dinner and annual get together dinner.
  • Sponsor Shimul’s advertisements in News Papers, TV Channels, and Mobile phones & in other websites.
  • Sponsor Shimul’s publications and musical/instrumental CD productions.
  • Invite Simul to help establish projects under your CSR
  • Seek Shimul’s help in devising CSR plans for your company.
  • Support Shimul with your professional, technical and marketing expertise.
  • Provide Shimul your franchisee/agency opportunities. For instance, Kolkata Municipal Corporation has provided us the agency to maintain its four Public Toilets.
  • Provide Shimul a platform at your meetings/conferences & seminars wherein Shimul can promote its work…
  • Give space in your annual reports, leaflets, brochures and other publications to reach out and make appeals to a wider audience…..

Please send all donations by A/C Payee Cheque or Bank Draft to


16 C Bosepukur Road, Kolkata – 700042

West Bengal, India